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  4. The Beating Of A High School Janitor (Letra)

The Beating Of A High School Janitor (Letra)

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

"and now, the sever beating of a high school janitor."

[mopping sounds] Mop, mop, mop
All day long
Mop, mop, mop
While i sing this song

[sound of someone walking towards him] Gonna wax the floor
Gonna make it shine
Gonna take of the spray paint
With turpentine

"hey! don’t walk there! i just mopped!"
[person walking quickly towards him] [beating sounds] "hey!"
[beating sounds] "get offa me!"
[beating sounds] "that’s my bucket!"
[beating sounds] "let go of my side burns!"
[beating sounds] [sound of falling down into glass]