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Four Saints (Letra)

Boo Radleys, The

Boo Radleys, The

Leaves everywhere outside your house
Running after you ¡®cos you walk too fast
And we can’t find a cab
Looks like the northern line again
Remember that time outside your room
Playing with the cat just me and you
It was my favourite time
My world stopped for just an hour

I am the voice
But not the sound
I can go up
Yet still be down

And you don’t know the places that i’ve been to
You wouldn’t like m¨´e if you knew

(whatcha gonna do when it all breaks down?
Whatcha gonna do when you lose the sound?)
Don’t remind me i cannot say
(what happened to the fire that got you through?
The days when nothing went right to you?)

Hey! nothing changed i’m still the same
Hey boy what’s the score don’t you give a shit
About yourself no more?
If you don’t want me to be real don’t look up to me

There are three saints that shaped my life
Alban, bede and mary
I’ve nothing but disrespect for them
And for what they almost made me

Those who taught, taught what they were taught
And not what they had learned

Sister i can’t feel what you feel let me try
Brother lay your arms down and open your eyes
I believe in love (wow!)
Laugh if you must
I don’t care…
Cos i don’t dare