1. Minhas Letras
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  3. Distillers, The
  4. Drain the blood (Letra)

Drain the blood (Letra)

Distillers, The

Distillers, The

Im living on shattered faith,
the kind that likes to restrict your breath,
theres never been a better time than this,
to suffocate on eternal bliss,
in a city that swells with so much hate,
you seem to rise above and take its place,
the heart pumps until it dies,
drain the blood,
the heart is wise.

All my friends are murder,
all my bones no marrows in,
all these fiends want teenage meat,
all my friends are murderers.

I never met a pearl quite like you,
who could shimmer and rot at the same time through,
theres never been a better time than this,
to bite the hand of the frost bitten emenence.

Im living on vterine,
a star in the dark,
a new day has dawned,
open up and let it flow,
i’ll make it yours so here we go,

he’s gone away. (repeat)