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  3. Divine Comedy, The
  4. The Dogs And The Horses (Letra)

The Dogs And The Horses (Letra)

Sing a happy song
‘cause spring does not last long
A flower blooms and then it’s gone

Summer follows fast
Make hay while it lasts
Don’t ever dwell upon the past

For one day you are here, and the next you are gone
Every horse has its year and every dog its day, my son
So the only thing to feel sad about is
All the dogs and the horses you’ll have to outlive
They’ll be with you when you say good-bye

Then the fall from grace
The lines upon your face
Grow deeper almost every day
Days and weeks roll by
And winter nights draw nigh
And everything that lives must die

But as the curtains close and the last prayers are said
All my dogs and my horses appear round my bed
They have come to say one last goodbye