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Living In A House Full Of Love (Letra)

Gary Allan

Gary Allan

(glenn sutton/billy sherrill)

Now love is pouring through the windows
Comin` through the door
I can feel it creepin` through the cracks in the floor
Bouncin` off the walls and the ceilin` up above
Since i found you i’m livin` in a house of love

All my life my hear’s been walked on
Women said they loved me my how they talked tellin` me lies
And fillin` my eyes with tears that i couldn’t control
I couldn’t get a hold of myself long enough to realize
They were only tryin` to pull the wool over my eyes
I found you then the skies turned blue
I’m livin` in a house of love

Once i lived in a hole like a rabbit
I couldn’t find love the blues were a habit
A lonely man and i couldn’t understand
Why everything i tried went wrong
‘til you came alone bless your heart and showed me the right way
You dried my eyes and truned my night to day
And i’m so proud i wanna holler our loud
Tell the world about my house of love