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Kinda Low (Letra)

George Duke

George Duke

Got that thang that you need
Uncut and spreadin’ the seed
And when you’re feelin’ down
Look, we’l be around

Splish, splash we water your mind
Never serve ya till it’s time
We will supply the heat
Good things from head to feet

We will be your rock
And when you’re really in need
Turn it to the right and feel the flow
And if you want some more, just look down,
we’re kinda low

We will be your rock
Just when you need to be found
We’ll be right back on the block, right back on
the block, right back
You know we’ll be around
Say you been lost in a barren land
With no water or funk on hand
Hot sweat runs down your chin
Look what a mess you’re in

Put your hands upon the rock
(Let the vibes flow thru)
Then check the time on your clock
(As if it really knew)
Turn on your radio
Big daddy’s flowin’ so
Pump up the volume it’s kinda low