1. Minhas Letras
  2. G
  3. Graham Parker
  4. Waiting For The Ufos (Letra)

Waiting For The Ufos (Letra)

Graham Parker

Graham Parker

pre>intro out of the notes in open d
D em g (a)
No-one can hide it anymore we know it’s not imagining
D em g a
Even the skeptics are unsure when they stop to think
Bm g bm g
People are not worth their life now they are obsolete
D em g a
We’re dying to be invaded and put the blame on something concrete

G d g d
Waiting for the ufos waiting for the ufos
A d em
We are waiting for the ufos we know that they’re there

We’re just a joke they sometimes crack, they’ll get away with anything
The government is holding back, they won’t say a word
Now is that a light in sky or just a spark in my heart?
Can i accept this as evidence or will that tear the whole act apart?


C g
This new obsession is turning us alien too too
C a
Much more resounding my heart just stopped pounding for you

Waiting for the ufos waiting for the ufos
We are waiting for the ufos waiting waiting

Repeat chorus /pre>