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  4. Wannagirl (Letra)

Wannagirl (Letra)

Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan

Ok, roll the drums!

I wanna girl, i wanna girl who always has the time, to sent my world to comes stars above, i wanna girl, i wanna girl, girl believes in love, someone who’s sensitive enough…

I wanna girl, oh, i wanna girl that i can trust, oh girl that’s patient and who’ll love me when it’s far.. i wanna girl, i wanna girl as smart as she’s flying, someone that i can say is mine..

There’s a lot describing, really does exist, baby have ya noticed..

Chorus: i wanna girl like you, to be with me tonight, i wanna kiss your lips, and hold you close if that’s alright, i wanna girl like you, to keep me be with you, i want make the world and say t
Rds i love you, and your love is all i ever need…

I wanna girl, a girl who makes me laugh, i want sentimental, and to be my bed half, ah yeah, i wanna girl like the one i kinda loves, if that’s the one i’m dreaming of..

Only one girl lives up two weeks on my list, so you need to know this..

Repeat chorus

This would be play in high volume, probably in a residential area

Rap: by jj

Repeat chorus