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  4. Gonna Love You Anyway (Letra)

Gonna Love You Anyway (Letra)



Jhene Talking: No matter what they say…
I’m gonna love you anyway…Listen

I’ve had a lot of hell trying to
Explain to my daddy
How you make me feel
And why I wanna be your lady
But he aint feeling me

He says the way you carry yourself
Is wack
Your pants sag
but I tell him you just look like that
there’s so many things about you
he cant see

Boy you know what?
When I start to think about his life
so what, go ahead and let him trip about it
no matter how they feel and what they say
im gonna love you anyway

And boy you know what
When they start to flip about it
It aint enough
For me to ever be without you
You best believe it when I tell you we straight
I’m gonna love you anyway
Love you anyway

Even my girls say you play too many games with my feelings
But they don’t understand
The way be related
I can’t make them see

Even my momma say you just a flirt
You liked to twerk
They wanna try to judge you without know you first
They aint nothing we can do about it
We might as well forget about it

Like the story of the old forbidden love
We’re the only ones who understand this love
Just like Romeo and Juliet
We will stand the test of time
Our love is blind
I wish they didn’t want to change my mind

I don’t know, how it make you feel to that
My folks don’t see you at all
It really don’t make sense to me
(Cause you and me reached destiny)

I hope one day we can laugh about it
Even though they don’t even want you to call
I guess it’s just you and me
Cause they gon’ be how they gon’ be


I’m Gonna Love You Anywaaay.