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Wish That I Could Read Your Mind (Letra)



I hear you prayin’
Your dreams will be takin’ you
Far from here, far away
So tired of waiting
Your heart must be breaking in two
While you do

With all the things in the world that you’re trying to do
Does what I’m tring to say, get thru to you

Wish that I could read your mind
Understand what what you hide in your heart
Then maybe, baby, I could help you see how loved you are
Wish that I could find the words
That would echo inside of your soul
‘Cause then, my friend, you’d know
He loves you so
God loves you so

I have a confession
For all your hard questions
The answers might not seem clear
There’s no use pretending
‘Cause we’re all out here spinning
Our wheels, so it feels

Only one knows your heart, what you hope to become
Do you know who you’re running from or to

My love is strong, but not strong enough
I’ll give you all that I have, it wouldn’t matter that much
So instead of promises, I’ll just be honest
‘Cause I won’t always be around
And I know my love could let you down…