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  3. MatchBox 20
  4. You And I And I (Letra)

You And I And I (Letra)

MatchBox 20

MatchBox 20

yeah it’s for sure
But things came down hard
But you couldn’t wait and see
Well all i ever think about is myself
Well anyone else, well they get strung out
But i get high, high, high

Chorus 1:
But it’s something, you better get straight
I ain’t got no room in my heart
Lift up the anchor we’ll set it straight, yeah

Chorus 2:
Stop, well i, i don’t wanna thank you
Honey i don’t think so, you’d better stop
Well try, and if there’s a distance here between us
It’s you and i, and i and i and i

Yeah well it’s ashame, you pander to me
C’mon stroke on my ego
Well like it’s never been broke before yeah by anyone else
And what doesn’t kill you, it makes you linger
It makes you wonder, yeah
For goodness sake have you ever been asleep
Thinking one thing i’d be here,
And what doesn’t kill you, doesn’t stay, yeah yeah