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Secret Of Love (Letra)

Michael Ball

Michael Ball

I know
That when she said that
We could be friends
That my heart turned to stone
Broken Again
How come
That I’m feelin’ that the way I do
‘Cos the hurting is gone
And it’s true – ‘Cos of you
I found that secret of love again
Oh and every time I turn around
There you are
(There you are)
Crying is done
Cos I found the secret of love…
Ooh yeah

I’ve shown
I’m not immune to the power of love
I was chilled to the bone
I’ve had enough
But it’s all gone
An empty space
Where my heart used to be
But since you came along
Can’t you see
Rescue me
We’ll call it divine intervention
A bolt from the blue
It was never my intention
Ooh what can I do