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Life’s Rich Tapestry (Letra)

Modern English

Modern English

Woven from a very pretty mouth,
Oh yeah,
All across the world,
The skin and landscape,
I need to quench this thirst cause i’m dry,
Oh, so dry,
Come on and lead me to the water.

I believe in life’s rich tapestry,
And all it gives to me,
I believe in life’s rich tapestry,
And what it takes from me.

Could it be a saint or just a sin,
Something to lose yourself in, yeah,
The clothes that you wear,
Or the cross that you bear,
Oh, lord,
A chance to feel a part of life.


With a heart that hangs oh so low,
The half moon glow,
Tonight, today in so many ways,
Here we go.

Chorus x2

Takes from me x3.