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  4. Broke & Maintaining (Letra)

Broke & Maintaining (Letra)




Im broke and maintaining, staying in the basements
them tracks be so fucking amazing ill hit a nigga in his face
and dont wanna catch a case man my bitch stay in her place kid im a be
maintaing I dressed up my basement get some cake here
and i get some cake there i shouldnt make a payment or be broke
Bitch this a new year broke but got new gear only eighteen
but i drank that 211, Im a 80’s baby i roll with my click i dont have
alot of cake but i got a new whip, dont make me fucking flip
im about to fucking trip, bitch you on some other shit dont
fuck with this my nerves bad your curb bad cuzz i stomped
you fack onto the motherfucking pavement,its amazing,
this shit is crazy the steets is blazing bullets coming and grazing
here i come bitch this is only a statement.


When you see a nigga getting a little cash he broke and maintaing
when you see a chick who just brought a dollar store fit she broke and maintaing
when you see a nigga being picky and shit he broke and maintaing.