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Parole (Letra)



Maybe I’m not your favorite
It’s too bad you’re not mine
Someone once tried to tell me to leave this all behind

You and I are forever
I cut your name in me
I’m gonna bleed us together
In crimson harmony

And I will taste your mind
Fill it full of empty feelings
Disobey the signs
Drag you out and then throw you away

Do you see me coming?
I’ll be coming home today

I rang your bell there’s no answer
You changed the locks on me
I called your mom and she told me
That you’re afraid of me

But I won’t be disregarded, I won’t be turned away
I’ll finish up what we started, you’re gonna pay today


I’m on my way
My world is dead with out you
I’m all alone

No more lying
No more fighting
But violence is so inviting
No more hatred no more sex
My body aches my muscles flex