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Abcs (Letra)

Roches, The

Roches, The

You won’t find me here
I’m far away … far away
And even though i’m lying here
I’m far away … far away

Riding on my bicycle
My heart’s up in the air
I’m everywhere
I know i’m beautiful

Your wedding ring and pants are on the floor
They are not real … i do not feel you
You’re scaring me … you lock the door
I made a deal … my lips are sealed

Stop calling out my name
You are taking me away
I am ashamed

Now i know my abcs
Next time there’ll be less of me

Now there are words like estrogen and wrinkling
Middle age women
A mirror woes … where she been
So far away … so yesterday
A voice was left behind … a ghost … a girl
If i am an oyster shell … well … where’s the pearl

I know my abcs
There’ll be no next time for me