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A Wizard in my Dreams (Letra)

Rosae Crucis

Rosae Crucis

Bran: What the Hell is going on? Gonar?
Gonar: Yes Bran..

Bran: Why are you here Gonar?
Is it all right at Baal-Dor?

Gonar: In Baal-Dor,where my body lives sleeping, it’s all going well
But i’m here through the void of time to fight with you, for your soul.
You must return to Cormack and his Gaelics, return to Ireland and throw
The Vallo into a sea of blood and flames..

Bran: I’m just a Barbarian King with an Iron Crown on My Head,
but i fight The Old Lady of War with all my Strenght All my Strenght..

Bran: I will fight Roma with fire and flames, with the viper on the grass, The poison in the wine,
the dagger in the darkness..Yes..i will search for the Worms of the Earth..

Gonar: You..such a fool You will die in this adventure..
Sorrow..sorrow, misfortune to the pictish people, sorrow to the never born reign..sorrow to
the sons of men, sorrow

Bran: I can’t stop my hate now.
I will crash the roman steel with the caledonian stones