1. Minhas Letras
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  3. Rosae Crucis
  4. The Dagoon’s Moore (Letra)

The Dagoon’s Moore (Letra)

Rosae Crucis

Rosae Crucis

Lonely, with my Shadow, the ligh of a Moon
While the romans are watching my shoulder
I’m a Stalker in the moor

Pre chorus

The Sound of my horse
Remember my tribe
Remember Barbarian’s Lives

I’m Searching for you
The Witch of the Wolves
That howls at my doom


Running fast
Covered by Ancient Mist
In the Dagoon’s Moor

Find the Answer to the mistery
In the Dagoon’s Moor

Hide you shadow from the sun
While the BagPipes playing around
Run Bran, Run Bran ,run bran run bran run bran Run.

Watch a light in the moor
The House of the wich
I’m just reaching my doom

Speak, you know what i want
The gate to the abyss
The Entrance of hell

Hear, The power of Hate
I must find the ring
That connects the two planes

Feel,The Blood in my veins
The kiss of a King
Is the pay for your aid..

Repeat prechorus

Repeat Chorus