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  4. Searching for Perfection (Letra)

Searching for Perfection (Letra)

I just want it all
baby all baby baby
searching for perfection
let me tell you i just want it all

This Girl doesn’t want Mr. Maybe
So don’t be wasting my time
Cos’ I know what I want from my boy
Just enough of the love
So you’ll last me till forever

You’re stealing my heart like a theif in the night
And I know
Hold back till you know where i’m at
Cos’ a girls gotta know for sure

Searching for Perfection Baby
No more time for my rejrction honey
Make a right connection
Let me tell you i just want it all
Won’t give up on love
Never giving in
Moving on and up
As we’re riding on the rythm
Cos i’m searching for perfection
Let me tell you i just want it all

No way will i take Mr part-time
Ain’t gonna compimise
So wake up if you want what i got
Take me on and you’ll find
That you’ll never get no better