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Walked In The Rain (Letra)



I’ve been away
High on a breeze
Tasted the salt of the seven blue seas Verse 1
Washed upon shores
Sun in my eyes
Stayed long enough just to say my goodbyes…

I walked in the rain
Wet me through and through
Following rainbows that lead me back to you Chorus
I’ve always believed
In what I’ve been told
Where rainbows end there’s a pot of gold…

I’ll read the stars
Talk to the moon
Stop when I hear somebody playing our tune Verse 2
Any excuse
And you’ll see me
Drifting back home to the place I should be…

Some people say
Listen to me
Mostly I find that I disagree Verse 3
They tell me to change
Set myself free
I’m not convinced I don’t want to be me

Maybe I’ll stay
Maybe I’ll go
Maybe I’ll stick around I don’t know Verse 4
One thing for sure
This I can say
I’m coming back; I’ve been so far away