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  3. Ying Yang Twins
  4. Hahn (Letra)

Hahn (Letra)

Ying Yang, we done done it again
and put it on the map like hahn!
Put it on the map like hahn!

Think we aint crunk, they think we playin’
All around the world, is what they sayin’
[repeat 2x] Hahn(Hahn)
[repeat 8x]

Verse 1:
Took a pen and a paper, and we spit on some game
and flip the script, and got the world start screamin’ our names
Ying Yang in this thang and its evident,
(You dont really like us nigga?) You irrelevent
We brought hands to the game, and we takin over
mind control em’,like a hypnotic potion,
puff of smoke em’,nigga we don’t bluff, we rolls em’
curve ya stomach, you vomit on tha rollercoaster

Verse 2:
We been around the globe, done seen the world
Now we still make jingles fo tha boyz and girlz,
and they like when a nigga say hahn(hahn!)
Play a nigga song like hahn(hahn!)
Cause we keep comin wit tha shit ya like,
I say you god dam right, you god dam right
Niggas stay crunk like hahn(hahn!)
Nigga off the chain like hahn, Kane bring it back now(hahn!)

Verse 3:
Niggas in the club like(hahn!)
Bitches in the club like(hahn!)
We roll on dubs like(hahn!)
We straight throw it up like(hahn!)
Go slow like(hahn!)
Hit tha flo like(hahn!)
Ho, drop that shit to tha flo like(hahn!)
Pop it till’ ya can’t no mo like(hahn!)
Say them boyz is out of control(hahn!)
We gon’ crank this bitch till’ it flow