1. Minhas Letras
  2. Y
  3. Young Mc
  4. Stone Cold Buggin’ (Letra)

Stone Cold Buggin’ (Letra)

now this rhyme right here has been dedicated,
to all rap fans that said that they hated,
the other MC’s whose rhymes deviated,

‘cause this is real gold, it’s not gold plated,
a few years ago these rhymes were created,
I was real proud and very elated,
it took a long time as I claculated,
but now I look back, I’m glad I waited,
at so many times I was so frustrated,
‘cause I couldn’t finish up what I initiated,
I got mad and quite agitated,
and I remember rhymes that I had confiscated,
but one day, this girl, she perpetrated,
she was cute and quite educated,
we got married at once, an it was consummated,
but once it hit the books it was ill-fated,
she took me to court, to have it liligated,
a judge and a jury, that’s how it operated,
the jury went away, and they deliberated,
then she took all of my money, had my house renivated,
I felt so poor, and so humilated,
because of a fight that I instigated,
but I got my money back, and I was jubilated,
‘cause the first court decision was never validated,
for weeks and weeks, I just celebrated,
because the jury and judge recapitulated,
and all of my funds were never liquadated,
yes I won, yes I dominated,
I saw another girl and my heart pulsated,
she just looked like that girl, I made it,
would’ve have been part two of this rhyme that I’ve stated,
so I’ll just go home and read my Sports Illustrated,