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Memo (Letra)

From the gate i was a lost soul
Thinkin like pac maybe i should give it a shot
And write thug life on my torso

Niggas be depressed but me im even more so
If life is like the wire and im watchin from the fourth row
American cars im drivin in the ford slow
Flagged by a cop
Contemplate if i should stop
He probably think he got the drop on me
Might wild out like sean bell and try put shots on me
My life is different we aint livin in the same world
We aint even attracted to the same girls
U see the life and the guns
U think im just young and im dumb
a kid from the slums
Dont ya, think im lucky to be alive right
But when its all done ima die when the times right
Until then i do my best to shine bright
Cuz where im from every night is a prize fight